Trish and daughter, Heidi Vickers
Trish and daughter, Heidi

Trish Vickers was an absolutely incredible woman.

12 years ago, she lost her sight to diabetes and her world was plunged into chaos and darkness.

Not a lady to let her circumstances beat her, she immersed herself into the colourful new world of her imagination and set about writing a story called Grannifer’s Legacy.

Trish didn’t know braille and couldn’t use a computer.

Using a pen and a notepad on a clipboard, with rubber bands as line markers, Trish hand wrote her 110,000 word manuscript.

In February 2017, after 6 unbelievably exhausting years of writing it and getting friends to transcribe it, she finally completed her mission.

In January 2017, she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and the race was on to make her dream come true and get Grannifer’s Legacy into print.

On Thursday 9th March, the first copy of her book arrived and surrounded by her beloved family, she lost her valiant battle against cancer too.