Cover of Grannifer's Legacy by Trish Vickers published by Magic Oxygen
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Jennifer’s life has just imploded. Her boyfriend has left her, she’s been made redundant and above all else, her beloved great-grandmother has just passed away. With her world in tatters, she escapes from London to the village of Miraford to find a little breathing space and to regroup. When she meets the lively Cassie and the reliable Jim, things take an unexpected turn for the better and when Cassie suggests that she settles in Miraford, it seems like a good idea.

Jennifer keeps her great grandmother’s spirit very much alive in her head and recalls her gentle guidance. Taking on an old farmhouse with a wild garden is an adventurous step, but with the handwritten book of tips and advice that Grannifer left her, she plunges in.

Along the way, she finds true friends and a wonderfully supportive community. From the pub landlady, through to Cassie’s parents and the market stall holders, the villagers make her feel welcome and included. Then, a chance meeting with TJ, a young man who lives on a houseboat, reveals that he’s Jim’s long lost grandson. He introduces her to another friend and an unexpected romance blossoms.

Her parents are delighted to see their daughter regain her former sparkle, as she brings the old house and garden back to life, gets involved with a gardening football team, a reclamation yard and a quartet of rotavating pigs.

As the house and garden progress, Jim’s friend Joshua, decides to sell his boatyard providing another interesting opportunity for the group of friends.

Can they realise their dream and convert the building into a craft centre, protecting the place that means so much to Joshua?

Armed with indomitable spirit, childlike enthusiasm and her great grandmother’s wisdom, Jennifer is determined they will, but as happens with all good tales, there more than a few challenges to deal with along the way.