Trish Vickers, Author of Grannifer’s Legacy, Passes Away Peacefully

Trish Vickers and her daughter Heidi
Trish Vickers and her daughter Heidi

The ‘story behind the story‘ of Trish Vickers and her incredible achievement in writing the novel, Grannifer’s Legacy, has touched the hearts of so many people around the world, and completely and utterly captivated ours too.

We are deeply sad to pass on the news that she has just lost her valiant battle against breast cancer. She was surrounded by her loving family.

We were privileged to have spent some time with them last night, we made cups of tea and said our last goodbye to Trish, as she prepared to set off on her next adventure.

It was evident how important completing Grannifer’s Legacy and getting it published had been in Trish’s life. Everyone spoke with such pride and astonishment at her tenacity and determination to do so. Trish would often read back bits of the story to them as she sought comment and approval on the characters and story line. I think the very act of Trish writing it, gave people around her such a boost of confidence helping them believe they could achieve anything they set their minds to; she certainly made me feel that way.

Grannifer’s Legacy will do that forever more now in its paper form.